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It is worth far more than anything you can give in exchange for it. And when you have bought it: For a while they valued and defended some God-given light from His Word, but presently they sold it again for something that seemed more valuable. Perhaps it was peace with others, or position, or popularity or some other temporal gain.

They still gave mental assent to it but it formed no part of them. It was no longer a conviction.

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Buy it, no matter what it costs and when it is yours do not sell it for any price or under any consideration. They hold opinions instead of convictions, because they have given the infallible, unchangeable Word of God little place in their lives. Some of our Two Minutes articles were written many years ago by Pastor C. Stam for publication in newspapers.

When many of these articles were later compiled in book form, Pastor Stam wrote this word of explanation in the Preface:. Rather than rewrite or date such articles, we have left them just as they were when first published. This, we felt, would add to the interest, especially since our readers understand that they first appeared as newspaper articles. And yet, its value is beyond our resources.

Buying the Truth – Proverbs 23:23

The money you drop into the offering box cannot buy Christ, His truth or His eternal home. If someone has told you otherwise, then he is a liar and a friend of Satan. Besides the price which He Himself has paid, this Truth costs sinners like us our pride. To become the proud owners of Truth , we must relinquish our self-pride. We must repent before the owner and dispenser of this truth. Truth , spiritual Truth, the Truth which is in Christ — is one the most hated commodities in the world today. And to possess it ourselves, we must cast aside our prejudice against it.

We must be willing to give up our ignorance , and our self-righteousness. The truth may cost us our friends and even our families — our jobs and some of our former joys. Thousands of sinners who have turned to the truth have lost their place in the family burial plot.

To buy this Truth , we have to mean business about giving up sin. For one reason, because its value is constantly increasing. One of the lessons of economics which I have learned — came outside of university. When something is rare it is valuable , and if it can become more rare, it becomes more valuable. But that is not the way of cars — they decrease in value every time we take them on the road.

Not only can it never loose its intrinsic value, its relative rarity increases its value. With every passing day, there are fewer and fewer saints of God in this world. Oh, there are plenty of imitations and lots of religious hucksters , but fewer people possessing the Truth. The signs of the times suggest that the Lord will be coming soon to collect His people and to pour out His wrath upon this world.

That could take place this week. And if it did, there could be people , perhaps some of you, you will come to this place next Sunday morning and find no one here. This pulpit will be empty and there will be no one here to preach the Truth to you. The first Sunday after the rapture — the translation of the saints — the value of the Truth should be seen more clearly than it ever has been before. Oh, there will still be Bibles laying around — like this big one on the table here. But the value of the truth contained in its pages will reach astronomical heights.

Why should we keep the truth and sell it not?

Proverbs Invest in truth and never sell it--in wisdom and instruction and understanding.

Because it has no value in its resale. Imagine yourself falling off a bridge into the overflowing Spokane River. You hit the water headfirst and your weight and clothes carry you down into the current. That current sweeps you along and pulls you further down, despite your efforts to swim to the surface.

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As the seconds pass into the first minute, and the first minute blends into the third, you quickly learn the value of air — oxygen. Clean, breathable air is one of the most precious of all physical commodities.

Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

It is ordinarily free. All we need to do is stretch the muscles of our chest and suck in the air. Air is meant to be free. Why are we instructed to buy the truth and sell it not? Because the moment we put a price on it for resale , it ceases to be valuable. The Truth, Christ, the salvation from sin which has to be purchased from churches and priests has no value whatever.

Those who teach that sinners must buy favor with God by their generosity and charitable acts are liars — deceiving others and deceiving themselves. The world will do what it can to get you to play their games until you are a fool like them without any wisdom. Do not let anyone propose a higher goal for your life than these four things. What is the cost? Truth will cost you friends, for most prefer lies, superstition, and tradition Pr Wisdom will cost you ease, for only fools believe and do anything they wish.

Instruction will cost you pride, for you must accept correction from others. Are there other costs?


Yes, pleasure steals time for learning, so give up some of it. Riches steal time, for you must work extra hard in your effort to get them. Give up the foolish notion of being rich Pr 3: These four things come by dedication and diligent labor Pr 2: If you divide these words by their slight differences in meaning, you might be able to see the following definitions. If you do not, you can see Solomon heaping up good things. The book of Proverbs was inspired to sell these four things, and one of the prices for them is to read it often.

A chapter of Proverbs a day fits the calendar and will teach you much.